Corporate Strategy

Whether you are starting up, scaling up, drowning in opportunity, navigating a changing landscape, or trying to get unstuck, you need a plan.

Through two IPOs, both sides of the table for due diligence, acquisition, and operational and cultural integrations, developing strategic plans and operating models for several organizations, trying to survive explosive growth, and generally steering the ship on choppy seas, we’ve been a part of myriad defining moments in the lives of companies.

And now, we’ve been by our clients’ sides for much of the same, from blue-sky idea through initial strategy, fundraising, product strategy, market penetration and defense, line-of-business prioritization, succession planning, due diligence, mergers & acquisitions, rapid scale-up, and countless critical moments of disruption, opportunity, and decision.

Let us help you to determine, communicate, live, and breathe your strategic imperatives in order to set meaningful objectives, avoid distractions, align team effort, and take control of your future.


Our Offerings

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Interim Executive Services
  • Fractional Executive Services
  • Board of Directors Membership
  • Operating Partner Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Penetration and Defense
  • Due Diligence

David has the uncanny ability to cut through the clutter of issues, risks and tasks business owners face everyday, and help them to identify the one or two priorities with the potential to make all the difference in their success or failure.

Scott Gearity

President, Export Compliance Training Institute

David is an excellent mentor and coach. He was able to quickly understand the domain of my business and provide new and refreshing viewpoints that had significant impact on outcomes.

David is very good at listening and triggering questions that unveil blind spots or provoke better understanding of the dilemma you are facing. He brings vast experience in healthcare IT which saved me precious learning time, and above all, working with him is a real pleasure.

Amir Shenhav

Vice President, R&D, vHive